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Remaining Positive in your Job Search

There are two ways to look at a job search and the rejection that most job seekers will face at some point: the first is to picture the worst and be prone to negativity when encountering each setback and the second is to look at each rejection as a learning curve, using your disappointment to fire you into action.

Jamie's experience as Assistant Project Manager at Norwich for Jobs

Being a university graduate in 2014 is no easy task - with the graduate market bursting at the seams and the various graduate schemes extremely over-subscribed, it is indeed a tough time for those of us seeking to use their skills and knowledge gained from their degrees.


Christiana’s work experience at Archant


Before I started work at Archant Ltd on 9th June 2014, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had always walked past the big EDP building, wondering what everything was like inside for years. Prior to the day before the training day, I wasn’t nervous at all. I just remember thinking that I have worked in call centres before so I can do this. The day before I started was the day I received the call from trainer Andrew Denny and that was when it sunk in. I was nervous.


Charlotte’s Archant Academy Blog


I have really enjoyed the work placement at Archant. I got a real insight into working at Archant as I was given the opportunity to experience work in different parts of the company and was taught all the skills I need to enter sales work.

My sales skills have definitely improved. I started this placement having no idea what I needed to do and not feeling confident on the phone at all but the training at Archant was really in-depth and so helpful that by the second week I felt quite confident and by the forth week I was completely confident with what I was doing.

Sam’s experience at the Archant Academy


When I first began on the work experience at Archant, I’ll admit it felt quite daunting, working within a large company and having to take on many different roles that I have never done before. With the help of the Archant training day, explaining all the preparation and skills I would need and the brilliant people I was working with, it quickly became comfortable and enjoyable.


Young Person’s Panel Review by Maisie House

On the 15th of April, the monthly Young Persons Panel met to discuss progress of the Norwich For Jobs project, and also to gain an insight in to the problems faced by a group of young unemployed individuals. This panel brought together enthusiastic young individuals, looking to get their views across to those who had the power to help, including an array of employers and Norwich North MP Chloe Smith.

Hannah's Voluntary Work Experience at Norwich For Jobs

I have taken part in a Norwich for Jobs voluntary work experience placement for four weeks and it has improved me in many ways.

Andrew's Voluntary Work Experience at Norwich For Jobs


I have been taking part in a voluntary work experience placement for Norwich for Jobs for four weeks, and I feel that this has benefited me in many ways.


For example, the placement has given me vital experience in an admin role, such as completing and updating spreadsheets, contacting employers via email and telephone, and keeping stats figures up to date.


Youth Unemployment - a 17 year old's perspective

After a week of working in Jobcentre Plus, Norwich I have come to realise how important youth unemployment is to the organisation. Many people – young and old – struggle to find a job and before this, I didn’t realise all of the support available, which in all honesty, most people don’t make use of. In a week, I have seen the support the Jobcentre provide, along with external support, such as youth panels and employment fairs.

Lucy Jobber: Internship programme with Norwich for Jobs

After three months, I have now come to the end of my internship with Norwich for Jobs. Following on from my last graduate internship with the University Writers’ Service, I was looking to further develop my relationships with local Norwich employers and young people on a broader scale – I’m pleased to say that this internship allowed me to do just that!

My job role held three sections:

• Employment engagement assistant, which involved me communicating with local employers and encouraging them to consider opportunities for young people within their workplace.


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