Norwich For Jobs: We’ve achieved our Phase 1 target, now we're pushing further with Phase 2

When Phase 1 of our project finished in January 2015, we had successfully achieved our targets.

Norwich For Jobs is delighted that the 1000th young person to enter work through our project did so with iconic Norwich business, Jarrold. 

Norwich For Jobs is delighted to announce that our employers, who have pledged jobs and apprenticeships through our project are going the extra mile to help us make big differences. The number of young people who have entered paid jobs and apprenticeships through our project with our committed employers has exceeded the numbers those employers initially pledged, as they are keen to go the extra mile to help us significantly reduce youth unemployment in Norwich.



When we launched the ‘Norwich For Jobs’ project at the start of January 2013 we were seeking to halve Norwich youth unemployment in two years.

At the start of our two-year project in January 2013 there were around 2,000 young people, aged 18-24, registered as unemployed in the Norwich area. Our aim was to reduce this to 1,000. By the end of January 2015 we achieved this.

The project did  this by:

  • Investment
    Encourage local businesses to invest in young people

  • Opportunities
    Connect young people with opportunities to gain skills and employment

  • Community
    Focus the collective efforts of the community to get young Norwich working.


Our Successes

To the end of January 2015 Norwich For Jobs has achieved the following:

• 1,349 Jobs and Apprenticeships Pledged

• 480 Work Experience Placements have been pledged

• 1,776 Total number of young people who have entered paid opportunities.

o 1,502 young people have begun employment directly as a result of the project

o 274 young people have begun apprenticeships directly as a result of the project

• 301 young people have begun work experience placements directly as a result of the project

• 162 Employers are formally backing the campaign so far

• Dozens more have indicated their interest and are in discussion with the campaign

The Norwich For Jobs project tracks the pledges that employers make to help young people over and above any recruitment they were already doing.


Our stats in context:

Since January 2013, the official 18-24 unemployment count for Norwich has dropped from 2,030 to 645 - our goal when we launched the campaign was to see the unemployment count fall to 1,000, which we have now achieved.

This is not just about the numbers. Through the innovation of our Young Persons Panel and our Employers Panel, we are getting employers to work more closely with jobseekers to find ways of offering support for those struggling to gain employment.

The project is proud of its support of so many young people so far but we recognise that are still young people who are out of work.


Moving forward...

Starting in January 2015, Norwich For Jobs has launched a second phase of its project which seeks to ‘Change 100 Lives’, and has worked to get employers to do more to support the ‘harder to help’ category of young people.


Norwich For Jobs Phase 2 seeks to connect with young people aged 18-24 claiming Employment and Support Allowance and Income Support, as well as the remaining claimants on JSA, helping realise their goals and achieving their full potential. Norwich For Jobs wants to help change 100 lives of those considered ‘harder to help’ within a year.




Employers should email to show their support.

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