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Shane’s Story

In September 2017 Shane was referred by his Job Centre Plus Work Coach to the Norwich For Jobs Team to get additional support and help in finding a job.  Shane was 24 and had never worked and with his ADHD, he’d had a challenging time at school. 


Shane appeared outgoing and confident.  He wasn’t.  He attended various support sessions with Norwich For Jobs at the Monday Support Club, in which his behaviour was boisterous and loud.  His behaviour was upsetting members of the group, some of which had anxiety and depression issues.  After a lengthy One to One discussion to address his behaviour, Shane explained that it was all a front; he struggled with reading and found the activities too challenging as he couldn’t read the hand-out.


Shane opened up further saying he had lost his way and followed a bad path and tried to take his own life.  He advised that his relationship with his parents was fractious and that he currently lives with his uncle.  Despite all of this, Shane wanted to move forwards and knew what he wanted to do – be a Construction worker. 


Norwich For Jobs contacted the St Edmunds Society and Lorraine agreed to see Shane herself the next day.  She met up with Shane and arranged English & Maths support and professional construction training - to include his CSCS Greencard.


Shane started on all these courses, showing excellent attitude and application.  He also helped with guiding dysfunctional school children on placements @ St Edmunds Society.  Shane completed his CSCS card at St Edmunds Society and passed Level I in English & Maths.


As part of his development, Shane participated in a mock interview session with one of our Employer Panel members in Construction, Tarmac, to gain confidence and experience.


Norwich For Jobs Team Members accompanied Shane to our ‘Young Persons event’ and Jobsfair.  After not being successful in gaining any Apprenticeship leads, Norwich For Jobs took Shane to Jark and helped him fill out application details, which was very comprehensive. 


Jark indicated the likelihood of any work was slim as we were approaching Christmas, but we advised Shane to keep following up on his applications. Shane did this and within 2 weeks he started work with a plastering and drylining company in Norwich. With more stability in his life, Shane was able to start to rebuild his relationship with his family.


Shane has since been back to the Norwich For Jobs Monday Support Club to stand up and talk about his personal challenging journey, his past and his future!