Norwich For Jobs holds Mental Health Workshop for Employers

On Wednesday 14th March, the Norwich For Jobs Employers Panel held a special workshop for employers to learn more about mental health issues in the workplace.

The event follows on from our last Employer Panel event, where many organisations pressed for guidance around mental health for their existing employees and those ‘they might consider recruiting in the future’ through their relationship with the Norwich For Jobs Project.
The event was for
• organisations who have expressed a desire to help those less fortunate and are open minded regardless of the customers background.

• Been receptive to and want to help vulnerable young people, but may need advice and guidance on mental health issues, as well as physical disabilities.

• Taking a positive, proactive approach to mental health at work can help you grow your staff and your organisation.
The event was held at the Aviation Academy in Norwich, and was attended by NHS Foundation Trust Mental Health staff, the DWP Disability Team, a Work Clinical Psychologist, MINT and Shawtrust.
The event consisted of presentations, talks on mental health, shared good practice and mentoring in the workplace followed by a Q&A session and was attended by 30 employers.
Justin Harris, Chair of the Norwich For Jobs Employers Panel, and representative of Tarmac, said “For Tarmac, mental wellbeing is as important as safety and physical health. I’m delighted to be chairing this session of the Norwich for Jobs Employers Panel to encourage discussion and best practice on how local businesses can best support young people with mental health conditions into employment, as well as adopt positive approaches to mental health which can benefit existing employees.”

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