Heatrae Sadia

Jonathan Madden, Operations Director Manufacturing firm Heatrae Sadia is keen to bring in new blood with fresh ideas. The company is pledging to create two apprenticeships in Norwich and will also look at what other opportunities it could offer the city’s young people to help improve their prospects. Human resources manager Jenni King said Heatrae Sadia was keen to play its part in the local community and acknowledged the major benefits a young worker could bring. She said: “We were looking at the profile of our business and were surprised, when we look at the figures, by how many people we employ in that 18 to 24 age bracket – it’s low. “We have a lot of long-service workers. It’s great to have that mix of people who know the business inside out and are loyal but, to keep it fresh and have some new motivation, it’s important to mix that up. We want new ideas. We also want the opportunity to offer training and development to those young people and help shape them.” Heatrae Sadia also hopes its commitment to the Norwich For Jobs campaign could help improve the availability of highly-skilled workers inNorfolk. Having struggled to recruit engineers in the past, the company hopes to take on workers at a lower level and give them the training they need. Mrs King said: “Unless we actively help with that, the situation isn’t going to get better. We might not benefit straight away but if more companies do that, there will more skills in the local area in the future.”

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