Chapelfield Shopping Centre

In pledging her support to Norwich’s young people, Chapelfield’s general manager Davina Tanner hopes to inspire the 97 retailers based there to consider doing the same. The shopping centre hopes to be able to offer apprenticeships in customer services, security and cleaning services which she believes could offer them a real chance to work their way to the top. She said: “Young people are the future of our country and anything we can do to support them in getting into full time employment is beneficial to everybody. “We can show them there are opportunities. There is career progression. There is no stopping you if you are hard-working and committed.” Ms Tanner said she had an open mind when it came to taking on young employers and would consider anyone, no matter what their educational background, if she believed they were determined to succeed. She said: “If you can prove you can work and you have a work ethic, I truly believe you can progress and achieve what you want to achieve.” More than 2,000 people work at Chapelfield and Ms Tanner hopes, by pledging her support to Norwich For Jobs, the retailers responsible for many of those jobs could follow suit. “The big thing to get across is that having a young person is not as time consuming as you think. You might have to take them on and give them more time in the beginning, but if I can demonstrate and show young people doing well, I’m sure, from that, other retailers will think ‘that’s interesting’ and will look at doing it too.”

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