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Help us achieve much more through Phase 2 of our project:


A Call to Action!


Norwich For Jobs is asking employers across Norwich to help us achieve our goals by offering work experience placements to young people. Employers can contribute to helping us ‘change 100 lives’ by taking part in mock interviews and mentoring.


Employers such as Serco are already on-board with helping us achieve our Phase 2 goals:


Chris Paul, Serco has said: “Work experience programmes can yield hidden talent and at the same time enable those challenged by interviews to actually shine with their work. I can personally affirm that seeing a young person arrive on our site at the beginning of a projected work experience programme shy and nervous and then weeks later emerging as a shining engaged young person is inspiring. Prepare to be amazed.”

Our Steering Group’s comments:

Chloe Smith MP, who continues to lead the Norwich For Jobs project into this exciting second phase, said: "We have achieved a lot but there's more to do. I'm confident that the city community will respond to this new challenge and help change lives."

Andrew Barnes, Senior Partner, Howes Percival: “We are very pleased with and grateful for the continuing support which Norwich For Jobs has received from the business community, which clearly wants to play its part too and is conscious of the fact that Norwich firms can really benefit from everyone’s talents.”


Caroline Williams, CEO Norfolk Chamber and NFJ Steering group Member: “Every young person needs a chance in life and the Norwich businesses are in the position to give them that chance. There are many ways that businesses can get involved to suit their own circumstances. Working with young people in this way is also a great way to develop skills within the business. We would encourage you to take that important first step and find out more” 


Join our Norwich for Jobs campaign

We need to focus the community on a common goal - to get young Norwich working and for employers to benefit from employing a young person                

Why should I pledge to support ‘Norwich for Jobs’?

If you are passionate about your business, you will want to ensure that you have the right people with the right skills available to support you to grow. Through the Norwich for Jobs campaign you have the opportunity to really make a difference. It is a win win situation.

A young person gets the job they need and you get an enthusiastic young person as an additional resource in your organisation so that you can achieve your own aims.

We need you to offer up jobs, apprenticeships, and work experience placements for young people. 

In addition Norwich for Jobs can provide you with:

  • Free advertisement of positions and recruitment of suitable young people through Jobcentre Plus and  Inspire Norfolk.
  • Norfolk Chamber of Commerce’s Apprenticeship Broker Scheme can make employing a young person simpler.
  • Committed employers are given the opportunity  to appear in news stories and blog posts.
  • Employers’ logos, website links and a pledge description appear on our wesbite.  Employers and their young employees are welcome to provide success stories, photos and videos for the website.
  • Committed employers receive a Norwich for Jobs certificate to display in their workplace.
  • Invitation from our Steering Group to selected Norwich for Jobs events

You can make a massive difference to both your business and to the prospect of a young person.  Please pledge your support now so we can keep you updated as to what opportunities are available to you.   

What are the benefits to employers?

Apprenticeships - Anyone aged 16 and over in England may apply for a paid apprenticeship to earn whilst they learn, working towards a nationally recognised qualification. Apprenticeships can last from one to four years and businesses could even receive a grant of up to £10,000 to help cover the costs of employing an apprentice.  To find out more visit www.apprenticeships.org.uk.

Voluntary Work Experience - Working between 2 to 8 weeks unpaid, a young person can work for your organisation to gain skills and experience, demonstrating their suitability and adding value to your business.

Work Trials - Again, these are voluntary, unpaid and last for a few days. Keen young people are able to demonstrate their skills to potential employers. This helps employers decide whether the young person and the organisation are right for each other prior to recruiting for a vacancy.

Sector Based Work Academies - This service allows young people to complete training within a particular sector, followed by voluntary work experience and a mock job interview with an employer.  


If I am already employing young people should I still pledge my support?

As an organisation already employing young people, you are already helping our community, which is great.

Norwich For Jobs can offer you support with your future recruitment, advertise your opportunities through websites such as, Universal JobMatch and publicity to help grow your business. We need your pledge to encourage more employers to benefit as you have.


I’m a charity or an organisation which already helps young people.  How do I contribute?

We seek to amplify the great work you already do. By partnering with us in this ambitious project, you will receive publicity for your efforts to support local youngsters.  You will also benefit from more connections with the other local partners in Norwich for Jobs, and clear information on the government services available.

If you would like to partner with us in this exciting campaign, email us: info@norwichforjobs.org.uk



Steering Group

We look forward to working with you under this exciting common aim, so that we can all genuinely help and change our city. If you would like to talk through any aspect of the Norwich for Jobs campaign please do feel free to contact any of the  Steering Group who will be more than happy to hear from you.

With thanks,

Chloe Smith, MP for Norwich North (Chair, Norwich for Jobs)

Caroline Williams, Chief Executive, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

Dick Palmer, Chief Executive, Transforming Education in Norfolk

Andrew Barnes, Senior Partner, Howes Percival

Julia Nix, District Manager, Jobcentre Plus

Nigel Pickover, Editor, Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News


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