About N4J

About N4J

Norwich for Jobs Phase 2: 

Starting in January 2015, Norwich For Jobs has launched a second phase of its project which seeks to ‘Change 100 Lives’, and has worked to get employers to do more to support the ‘harder to help’ category of young people.


Norwich For Jobs Phase 2 seeks to connect with young people aged 18-24 claiming Employment and Support Allowance and Income Support, as well as the remaining 675 on JSA, helping realise their goals and achieving their full potential. Norwich For Jobs wants to help change 100 lives of those considered ‘harder to help’ within a year.


Why are we doing this?

Young people who claim Employment and Support Allowance and Income Support are too often considered ‘harder to help’ and in many cases will need support and encouragement to address any barriers, so they may enter employment, including those with mental health issues.


Norwich For Jobs Phase 2 will focus its aim to help those claiming Employment and Support Allowance and Income Support feel like work is, or could be, achievable to them.


How are we working towards our goals?

Norwich For Jobs is offering young people claiming Employment and Support Allowance and Income Support opportunities that will bring them close to realising employment goals. Many of the sources of support available will seek to boost confidence and help structure young people’s lives that makes working feel achievable and rewarding.


Norwich For Jobs, through the support of like-minded employers will be offering young people opportunities to take part in work experience placements; attend work taster days; participate in mock interviews with real employers; be entered into mentoring programmes, including with the Chartered Institute of Professional Development through their local employer members; take part in mental health workshops and attend events run and supported by Norwich For Jobs that will allow young people opportunities to build confidence.

A Call to Action!

Norwich For Jobs is asking employers across Norwich to help us achieve our goals by offering work experience placements to young people. Employers can contribute to helping us ‘change 100 lives’ by taking part in mock interviews and mentoring.


Norwich for Jobs Phase 1: We sought to halve Norwich youth unemployment in two years.

Launched on 25th January 2013, we believed that by the start of 2015 we could encourage employers to offer 1,000 jobs and good economic opportunities for young people in the city.  

In January 2013 there were around 2,000 young people, aged 18-24, registered as unemployed in the Norwich area. That was too high!

Our ask to Norwich firms was: sign our Pledge, and consider giving an opportunity to a young person. Help us ask other employers too. This is your chance to work with young talent for the future of your business.

What were our aims?

  • Investment
    Encourage local businesses to invest in young people

  • Opportunities
    Connect young people with opportunities to gain skills and employment

  • Community
    Focus the collective efforts of the community to get young Norwich working.


Our Successes

The project, through hard work in building strong links with employers, has beaten its original target, and now sees figures of 18-24 year olds claiming JSA drop to a record low of 675. 

Our ask to Norwich young people is: get in touch and guide us on what you know is needed for your future. Our young peoples’ panel wants to hear from you.

Our ask to the many key partners who already do such good work for young people is: share your excellent provision and allow us to help you amplify them.

This simple campaign publicises the latest employment data to encourage jobs, work experience placements, apprenticeships, informal links for young people and employers, and self-employment skills for young people.

It will count existing local employment efforts together under a single, inspiring effort.

It aims to encourage local businesses to invest in young people, to connect young people with opportunities, and to focus the community on a common goal to get young Norwich working.

We think we are unique as a small city in trying to help our young people and our economy in this way.

Please support the campaign.

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